Develop and train all insurance brokers and financial advisors of an online start-up bank incorporated by one of the largest Italian insurance companies.

In 2004, a leading Italian insurance group needed a training program to improve the financial and selling skills of its insurance brokers and financial advisors of the newly-created online bank and develop a common financial culture and shared methodologies, in order to pursue the challenging goals in assets under management volumes growth.

In the year 2000, a leading Italian insurance group incorporated an innovative online bank for the purpose of implementing an asset management line of service and gain new market shares. The idea was to establish connections amongst its newly hired financial advisors and its traditional insurance brokers network in order to enhance cross selling activities and provide investment services in addition to the risk protection services, a business in which the company was an undisputed market leader..

There was a need to disseminate common financial cultures, consulting practices and selling methodologies among the over 450 insurance agencies and 60 financial advisors spread over the Italian territory.


Over 2,000 training hours on finance and selling skills were held between 2003 and 2004 in almost 12 months,with outstanding asset management volumes growth which, in some Italian regions reached an all time high increase of 200% in just two months from the end of the training sessions, and of 50% overall at country level.

Eugenio Virguti’s practical and professional approach in disseminating a common financial culture, shared methodologies and customer approach techniques in our distribution network of financial advisors and insurance brokers, made the difference between what could have been a failure and what it turned to be: a major success for our organization.

Bruno Polifroni, former HR Training Manager

Eugenio is a motivating and skilled trainer; besides he is a very cultivated and agreeable person.

Federico Dallasta – Group Manager

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