Filling in Comprehensive Assessmenttemplates for the purpose of ECB reporting

Back in 2014, the European Central Banklaunchedits first Comprehensive Assessment, requiringallEuropeanbanks to fill in a vastnumber of templates for the purpose of assessingbanks’ solvency and draftingitsprudentialpolicies. The exercisehad to be conducted in a veryshort time frame and itrequiredbanks to extractall data required from manydifferent data warehouses.

A leadingItalian outsourcing firm in regulatory reporting services, provider of almostallmid/sizedItalianbanks, started a program to assist its client banks in preparing the AssetQuality Templates.The activities to be performed in the very short time frame availableincluded an analysis of available data, a gap analysis to identifyall data thathad to be extracted from the differentwarehouses, the feeding of the AQR tempates, qualitychecking the data, reconciliations with the banks’ financialstatements and prudential reports bothat the solo and consolidatedlevel.The oustourcingfirmwassupported by the skills and competencies of doctor Virguti.


In just over three weeks, doctor Virguti assisted in preparing the roughly 20 AQR templates for 8 of the largest Italian banks, by extracting, analysing and processing over 100.000 data items.

Case history