Started his career with Citigroup, where he positioned the Financial Control Division for long-horizon success through initiatives to modernize the bank’s systems. He then joined Banca della Campania, where as CFO, and eventually as the Risk Manager, he helped to chart a course to greater market share, doubling the number of branches and tripling total assets and customer net revenue and introduce a risk management culture within the organisation. As Partner and Managing Director of Ganigreg srl, an Italian consulting and training firm, he solidified his expertise in risk management advisory services and became a recognized authority on XBRL and supervisory reporting, providing advisory services to Italian Government Departments, banks, investment entities and supervisory authorities. He now serves as Senior Advisor for PricewaterhouseCoopers, a world-class accounting firm, where he leads and mentors some of the most talented professionals in Italy in implementing new drivers of revenue in the area of supervisory reporting.

He is a Certified Public Accountant and teaches Risk Management courses to the next generation of finance experts as adjunct professor at the University of Sannio in Southern Italy. He is a successful trainer and conference speaker. He also serves on the board of XBRL Europe as a representative of the Italian XBRL jurisdiction.

As an ATA-Certified financial and accounting translator (ATA being the American Translators Association), he has translated the IAS/IFRS accounting standards issued by the IASB and the EU together with the related XBRL taxonomies, the accounting standards for SME’s in co-operation with the Italian Accounting Organization (OIC), the accounting standards for the public sector entities (IPSAS) in co-operation with the Italian Certified Public Accountants Board.

His exposure to a multicultural lifestyle from a young age has brought an international perspective to the work he does, in addition to giving him an interest in exploring the nuances of language and culture in his professional and personal life. He speaks English, Italian, and French.

He spends his leisure time shaping up in a gym and running. He loves spending time ashore and he is a patented scuba-diver. He reads management and economics books in the languages he normally speaks; he particularly enjoys reading the biographies of famous entrepeneurs and managers. He loves music (specifically jazz, classical music, rock/blues) and he plays acoustic guitar.