• BIRD: The New Supervisory Reporting Framework

    European banks are required to produce a vast quantity of data for statistical and prudential supervisory reporting purposes to both national and supranational authorities. BIRD, a new initiative by the ESCB will assist in reporting requirements. What is the impact on the banks’ IT systems? How will data architecture change? What will the new challenges be in terms of data governance?

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  • Legislative Decree no.139 of 2015: moving towards IAS/IFRS compliance

    Legislative Decree no. 139 of August 2015 has introduced deep changes in the Italian accounting standard sas from 2016, by converting into law EU Directive 34 of 2013. The Decree intends to harmonize financial statements at a European level for the sake of higher comparability, and also includes new financial reporting rules for micro-undertakings

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  • The impact of Basel IV on banks

    The Basel Committee is trying to design a new set of rules(so-called“Basel IV”) to improve risk-weighted assets comparability amongst similar portfolios via the introduction of output floor, that is, restrictions that will trigger off when the capital requirements based on internal models are much lower than the ones based on standard rules. What will be the impact on internal models? How can investments made by banks in internal models be protected?

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