Risk Management

Advisory services on financial, credit and operational risk modelling and assessment for banks, investment entities, financial services organisations and insurance companies

The expertise developed in over 20 years as a risk manager and University adjunct professor of Risk management and as an advisor in regulatory reporting is used to serve clients with the development and implementation of models for assessing financial, credit and operational risks, liquidity risks, drafting of ICAAP, ILAAP, Risk Appetite Frameworks, in addition to the identification of adequate risk mitigation approaches

Regulatory Reporting

Advisory services on supervisory reporting to national and supranational bank and insurance authorities and on the implementation of the Data Point Model and XBRL reporting language

The banking and insurance supervisory regulation is constantly changing and requires specific skills and competencies. The expertise developed in many years both as a user and as a provider of regulatory reporting services enables the provision of  services that range from the Italian and European prudential and financial supervisory reporting regulation analysis (i.e. FINREP, COREP, Asset Encumbrance, etc.) and interpretation to the implementation of solutions to ensure punctual and timely reporting to supervisory authorities either using the national transmission protocol (i.e. PUMA 2 for Bank of Italy) and the Data Point Model and XBRL for reporting to European supervisory authorities (EBA, EIOPA, ECB, etc.)

Management Accounting and Accounting

Design and implementation of strategic planning, budgetting and financial control systems for banks and financial services organisations and advisory services on IAS/IFRS compliance

The evolution of the international banking and accounting (IAS/IFRS) regulations towards a higher risk-awareness has profoundly changed the ways in which profitability is measured and the budgetting, forecasting and strategic planning approaches. Advisory services provided include the implementation of risk adjusted management accounting and financial control, budgetting and forecasting systems for banks and financial services organisations

General Tax and Accounting Services

Advisory services on accounting and tax matters connected with the internationalisation of firms, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency proceedings

In an entrepeneurial context in which globalisation no longer exposes firms only to local competition and accounting and tax regulations, but also to foreign drivers of change, together with a well-established team of auditing and accounting professionals, we provide advisory services to Italian firms that are willing to expand abroad and to foreign firms that wish to increase their market shares on the Italian territory, on general accounting, national and international tax planning, mergers and acquisitions and insolvency proceedings